Amdavad Municipal Transport Service is India’s oldest Municipal Transport Corporation for local Transport Service.

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Amdavad is well known among ancient cities of India. Ahmed Shah, ruler of Gujarat in those days established this city in 1411, hence it was named as Ahmedabad, and with the passage of time it became famous as Amdavad. There is a saying about the birth of this city: “Jab kutte par Sassa aayaa, Tab Badshah ne shahar basaayaa”. (When the rabbit attacked the dog, the Sultan populated the city)

Important Services



AMTS offers bus facility for marriage, death event, picnic etc. at existing rates to the common people. The registration of the bus can be made at the office of Traffic General Section, Jamalpur.



The Corporation provides concessions on its fares &/or free travel facilities on it's buses to various categories of citizens. The concessions/free travel applicable to different category can be found in the Conession page.

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