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(1) Student’s Concession Scheme :

Term pass - Rate of Rs. 300/- Per month.

The students studying in Government recognized and granted schools, colleges and vocational training institute, on producing the Identification certificate of their Institute, can get a concession pass. Student can use this pass for any bus, any route and all the times. The concession charge is monthly Rs.300 and Rs.50 is charged for smart-card. Children between 3 and 12 years are charged at uniform rate.

Students bus-concession forms are issued free of charge at Ritz, hotel, Lal Darwaja concession office. Concession pass is issued after 3 days by submitting the duly filled in form as per rules and regulations. This facility is available at Municipal Civil Centers (on Computer) when there is rush time in the beginning of both the terms.

(2)     Concession for the blind :

     Civil Surgeon, RMO from Municipal General hospital or Principal of the blind school can issue certificate for 100% blindness, and an identity card is issue to the blind person for  free journey in AMTS buses. The cost of the form is Rs. 5, and the same is to be duly filled in.

(3)     Concession for Deed & Dumb :

The application from for such person’s concession is available at Lal Darwaja Ritz Hotel, Concession office at the cost of Rs. 5. The applicant has to get the certificate from civil surgeon. RMO from Municipal General Hospital or Principal of Deaf & Dump school.  On Producing such certificate an identification card is issued to the beneficiary. It is valid from 1st April to 31st March and can be renewed up to  years thereafter. Then the pass-holder has to apply again to get another card. There is a 50% discount on the regular bus-fare, and the identify card should always be with the pass-holder during the journey.

(4)     Concession for the Handicapped :

The application form is available at Lal Darwaja Ritz Hotel, Concession office at Rs. 5 Charges. Persons with defective organs or handicapped have to bring the certificate issued by civil surgeon or RMO of municipal General Hospital, based on that an Identity card will be issued to them adhering certain rules. Defects up to 50% and with monthly income less than Rs. 1000 such applicants can travel any distance by payment of minimum amount bus ticket.

(5)     Concession for mentally challenged children and their Wards :

Such students are unable to travel alone for going to school. Hence they are eligible to obtain free pass only for going to and coming back from their school. Their parents or wards also get such pass to accompany their child to school at the consessional rate.

 6). Concession scheme for senior citizens (the age between 65 to 75years):

          Such persons have to obtain the application form free of charge from Lal Darwaja Ritz hotel concession office. They have to produce any on of the following proofs showing their age: 

  • Birth Certificate
  • Certificate from govt. or municipal hospital
  • S.S.C Certificate
  • Pension card
  • Valid Driving license
  • Passport
  • School leaving Certificate
  • Retirement Card
  • Income tax PAN Card
  • Election card
  • Govt. or Semi Govt. Identity card

 For the proof of their address, they have to produce ant 2 of the following documents: 

  • Passport
  • Valid Driving license
  • Pension card
  • Municipal Tax Bill
  • Electric Bill
  • Telephone Bill
  • Identification card from closed mill
  • Election card

           Affidavit will not be considered as a proof. The holder of the pass can travel for nay distance and as many times as he wants. He has to purchase the ticket at 50% discount on the existing rates.

 (7). Concession scheme for senior citizen (above 75 years of age): 

All the rules applicable to citizen above 65 years of age are similar for the citizens above 75 years of age also. They only difference is that they get free pass instead of 50% bus fare.

 If such passes for both the categories are lost, they have to obtained again by a fresh application together with Rs. 100 as fees, and have to obtain a new Identity card (pass). Such new pass will be issued once in a year only, therefore it is the duty of the senior citizens to preserve their pass. 

(8). Concession for Sportsmen:

          The sportsmen have to obtain the application form from Traffic General Section, Transport House, Jamalpur with the payment of Rs.5. according to the rules of the scheme, athletes who participated in games at interstate or inter national level for last 3years constantly, can produce the certificates as proof and get Identity card. They can travel in AMTS buses paying minimum fare for any distance

(9A). Monthly Pass Scheme:

           According to the Scheme the pass-holder can travel for 30 days by paying the fare for 15 days

(9B). Quarterly Pass Scheme: 

          According to the scheme the pass-holder can travel for 90 days by paying the fare for 45 days. 

(9C).  “Travel as you like” monthly pass scheme: 

          Under this scheme, a monthly pass is issued at the cost of Rs.900 for a month. The pass-holder can any time, in any AMTS bus, as many times as he wishes. 

(9D)   “Travel as you like” Quarterly Pass Scheme: 

          Under the scheme, the pass-holder, by paying Rs.2400 for 3 months, can travel in any route, any time and as many times as he wishes to travel in any AMTS bus. 


 (10)    “Jal-Pari” bus-service around Kankaria lake: 

          Children above 3 years, together with their parents/wards can travel by “Jal-Pari” bus around Kankaria lake. This enjoyment trip is handled through private management, and the timings are 3PM to 11PM. 

(11). Night Bus- Services: 

Night bus services between 10.30 PM and 1PM is provided from Lal Darwaja and Kalupur bus terminus to specified areas. Similarly in the early morning 5.00 AM also the service is provided from certain areas. 

(12). Free – Pass travelling Scheme:

(12-A). Passes for Press-Reporters:

          The following document are to produced to obtain Reporter passes:

(i)                R.N.I Certificate

(ii)              Declaration form

(iii)            C.A. Certificate for circulation of the newspaper

(iv)            3-Passport size photographs

(v)              10 copies of the latest newspaper

(vi)            Identity proof as a reporter



Serial No. (i) to (iii) original certificates to be produced at traffic General section of AMTS.


(12-B). Free passes to municipal councilors and members of the School – Board:

           Application is to be submitted to municipal secretary, who will present them to the competent authority, and them the pass will be issued.

 (12-C).         Free Bus-pass to the valid union post-holders:

 The letter from respective union president is to be received together with 3 passport size photographs of the applicant, the competent authority will them issue the pass.

 (12-D). Pass for freedom fighters and their windows:

           The applicant has to submit certificate from District Magistrate (collector), copy of Identity card, Bank documents about payment of pension, copy of Rationing card, and passport size 3 photographs at the traffic General Section, where necessary procedure will be executed.

 (12-E). Free pas for the elderly persons staying in the Home for the old:

          The old persons staying in home for the old for more than 3months, produced payment receipt of fees from Govt. Authorized old age homes and 3 passport size photographs. The traffic General section will take further actions on it.

 (13) Lost property services:

          Many passengers forget their belongings either in the bus or at the terminus. Such articles are deposited at Traffic General Section, and efforts are made to trace the passenger. If the person is found, the competent authority returns the article after checking the genuinity. If the owner is not found, such articles are disposed either through auctions or through donations.

 (14) Hiring the Rocker Crane:

          The borrowers has to contact the office personally and pay the deposit Rs. 1000 – for first hours and thereafter Rs. 500 for every additional hour or part thereof. This service is available during the period except 10PM to 6 AM, only in the operational area of AMTS.

 (15) Complaint Department:

          The traffic General Section takes care of the complaints about AMTS buses or suggestions from the common people. Moreover advices and suggestion received from ministers, members of the assembly, and municipal councilor and due actions are taken for the same.

 (16) Redress of the Complaints:

          The commuters can lodge their complaints by letter or personally write in the complaint – Book available with the chief Terminus officer, the complaint must mention Badge number of the defaulting driver/conductor, Bus number, route number, time, place and his own name and address. When the complainant is personally called for by the authorities, he must attend at the required place.

To get the Information:

          All information about AMTS service can be obtained from the responsible officers at the Head office or at other terminuses, personally or on telephone mentioned here before.

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