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(1). Monthly Pass Scheme:

           According to the Scheme the pass-holder can travel for 30 days by paying the fare for 15 days. 

(2). Quarterly Pass Scheme: 

          According to the scheme the pass-holder can travel for 90 days by paying the fare for 45 days. 

(3).  “Travel as you like” monthly pass scheme: 

          Under this scheme, a monthly pass is issued at the cost of Rs.900. The pass-holder can any time, in any AMTS bus, as many times as he wishes. 

(4)   “Travel as you like” Quarterly Pass Scheme: 

          Under the scheme, the pass-holder, by paying Rs.2400 for 3 months, can travel in any route, any time and as many times as he wishes to travel in any AMTS bus. 

(5)    “Travel as you like” scheme: 

          Under this scheme one can travel from 6 A.M. To 10 P.M. as many times, in any AMTS bus with a single ticket. Ticket fare for children from 3-12 years is Rs.15 and beyond that age, it is Rs.45. 

(6)    “Travel as you like” Scheme for ladies and children: 

          Under this scheme, ladies and children from 3-12 years can travel in any AMTS bus, with a single ticket, in any route from 11 Noon to 11.00 PM. From Monday to Friday. The rate for children is Rs. 15, and for ladies and girls above 12 years is  Rs. 30. 

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