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Traffic Department work under direct control of director of traffic. Road operations and fleet control on routes is under traffic department scope of work. More of that under mentioned departments also work under traffic department head.

Contact numbers of different traffic offices :

AMTS Main Bus Station & their Telephone Number

1.            Laldarwaja Bus Terminus                                                       25507739

2.            Vadaj Bus Terminus                                                 7878771053, 32444302

3.            Maninagar Bus Terminus                                  8905184636, 25466196

4.            Jamalpur Bus Depot                                                                              25391881-86


  For any complaint regarding Bus and Route operation, Please Call on : 9328277103 / 9328277109

Duties of Statistical Department: 

  • Various data on kilometer and diesel uses for operational planning
  • To prepare bus-wise income based on route-wise income, and to compute the load-factor
  • To prepare register for revenue loss
  • Calculation of the trips based on the control chart
  • Information of break-down buses based on control-chart
  • To keep details of bus-accidents. 
  • To present the proposals for starting new bus routes, extend the bus routs, shorten the bus routes or to close certain bus routes to the transport committee
  • To prepare bus route time-table
  • To make survey of bus-routes
  • To prepare bus-fare charts for new bus routes
  • To make correspondence with R.T.O and Director of Transport
  • To supply information every six months about Driver-duty list
  • To make correspondence with state Government about the payments against free-traveling of the police in AMTS buses
  • To prepare monthly returns of passenger tax
  • To apply for bus route permits
  • To make procedure about receipts of bus-fare from bus-operators of private C.N.G buses
  • To arrange for parking, and to make route-wise schedules of private bus-operators
  • To keep the details about the break-down and maintenance of private buses
  • To prepare final bills for the kilometers of private C.N.G buses and to forward the same to the corporation for payment
  • To prepare total information about organisation’s budget, and to carry out any other administrative work. 

Duties of Traffic Establishment / Salary Section: 

  • This section works under the direct supervision of stores-officer (Traffic)
  • Monthly salary bills of Drivers-conductors (traffic), and office staff (traffic) are prepared here
  • To take necessary steps for payments of provident fund and other benefits to retiring employees of traffic section
  • Appointment procedure for traffic section at traffic establishment
  • Maintaining roster registers for traffic section. 

Duties of Traffic General / Stores Section:

  • Co-ordination of complaints against traffic General section, and arrangements for the disposal of such complaints as well as necessary correspondence
  • Maintenance of Bus-Accident register, and disbursements claims generated through such accidents
  • Procedure regarding issue of free or concessional pass to blind persons, the Deaf & Dumb, handicapped people and to Press Reporters
  • Issue of uniforms to driver-conductors in traffic section
  • Issue of ticket-box and Leather box to conductors
  • Arrangement of printing and stationery for traffic section
  • Duties at Lal Darwaja and Kalupur terminus
  • Schedules of Bus-operations from the terminuses
  • Disposal of public grievances regarding bus-routes. 

Duties of Concession Section:

  • Procedure for students’ concession
  • Bus –Pass for senior citizens
  • Procedure for monthly and Quarterly passes to passengers. 

Duties of Depot – Section:

  • Ledger posting of monthly attendance leave etc. and to forward attendance books to salary section for payment of their salaries
  • To recommend for the leave for drivers-conductors
  • To file medical certificates of employees
  • Information about Drivers-conductors, and any other administrative work for the department. 

Duties of Starter Section:

  • To forward Driver-conductors’ attendance to the Depot
  • Making turn-over of buses every month
  • To arrange conductors for private C.N.G buses
  • To allocate drivers-conductors’ group as per the situation. 

Duties of I.A.T Section:

  • To give training to drivers-conductors
  • Appointment of all kinds of apprentices
  • To prepare pay-bills of the apprentices. 

Duties of Traffic Maintenance Section:

  • To undertake repair works as per complaints received from various departments. To replace and erect new bus-shelters, and to make route-Boards
  • To issue tenders for civil works, to handle its administrative procedure and to arrange for payment for such works
  • To publish advertisements through hoardings on bus-stands and bus-shelters
  • To collect license fess for the rights of advertisements
  • To undertake supervision of civil works.

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