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Workshop Superintendent Office

  • Administration work of workshop and Administrative works regarding purchase of new buses, all correspondence & contract procedure  
  • Procedure regarding all dispatches

Workshop Head Clerk Office

  • Administrative works regarding repairing & maintains of the buses.
  • administrative works regarding scrap buses
  • administrative works at the time of changes of the routs
  • Oil & Oil record keeping
  • Work regarding labor work
  • Rout wise & Group wise Vehicle arrangement

Property Department

  • Purchase of workshop stationery & record keeping
  • Uniform distribution
  • Maintains of all register

Head Time keeper Office

  • All time office works
  • Works of the main workshop timekeeper
  • Work regarding duty list, all depot administrative work & establishment work
  • All administrative works of head time keeper office
  • Work regarding Factory Inspector
  • Work regarding medical booklet & default
  • Record keeping of C.L., Holidays, Setoff of all workshop employees and their allotment

Pay Section  

  • Total work of payment of employees

Unit Office

  • Record keeping of units of the buses
  • Preparing daily off road memo
  • Calling of RTO due vehicle
  • Record keeping of the battery record
  • Work regarding  NTP vehicle
  • Work regarding Job card of the engine department

Forman Office

  • Record keeping of CNG buses
  • Report preparation & maintenance of break down vehicles
  • Administrative woks of Forman office
  • Detail work regarding time to time inspection of the vehicle
  • Detail work regarding time to time general checking of the vehicle
  • As per direction of the works manager
  • Vehicle wise entry in the log sheet book
  • Preparing daily off road memo
  • Registration of the break down vehicles entering in depot
  • Entry of the log sheet in register which come from the night shift & turn out of the part time vehicles

Tools & Salvage Room

  • Issue of tools to the technical employs of the main work shop & depot as per requirement
  • Administrative work regarding tools
  • Distribution of the waste, kerosene & soap as per requirement of the technical staff. 
  • Issue of tools to the technical employs of all shifts as per requirement
  • Record keeping and administrative work of Sal wage room
  • Registration of the units for repairing and Distribution of the waste, kerosene, soap, torch cell

Fuel Section

  • Getting sanction of miscellaneous expenses & expenses for RTO, Diesel & CNG   
  • Quarterly Statement of Increase or Decrease in stock and issue of diesel and petrol and making  in presence of the Transport Committee
  • Checking & making payment of monthly Andani CNG bills, renewal of diesel tank & solvent licenses
  • Sampling of diesel pump
  • Making empty of diesel tanker
  • Passing of new vehicles
  • Entry of the morning diesel stock in register
  • Diesel perches entry, diesel order checking & entry in diesel issue register
  • Preparing annual balance sheet, annual report of diesel petrol & CNG  
  • RTO Passing of new buses
  • Correspondence of the department & rectification of diesel pump complains
  • Maintaining of RTO register
  • Maintaining of charge register & Increase or Decrease register

Tyre Section

  • Record keeping & related work in tyre




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